Built for Partnerships

At Varden, Partnerships have been a key component of our business strategy from day one. We have developed a flexible business model and configurable product architecture to support our business partner’s needs.

Whether your firm’s product suite needs a more comprehensive client reporting capability or web Portal access, Varden’s eReportal and xPortal enable our partners to transform their reporting solutions from “good-enough” to “having the best.”

Partnering with Varden will assure you compete more effectively, open new doors, and elevate the stature of your business!

Why Outsource Reporting?

eReportal’s core technology has enabled us to quickly bring to market a powerful and flexible reporting product for our clients. As the reporting requirements for compliance and trading professionals continue to grow, we now have a strategic solution that will keep pace with their evolving needs.

Robert Proctor, VP & Compliance Product Manager, Linedata Services

There are many reasons why our Partners have chosen to outsource their reporting, communications and portal needs. These reasons include:

Current reporting solution is non-existent or not competitive

Your clients have a need for more comprehensive and flexible reporting capabilities but you do not have the time, budget, or expertise to provide it.  eReportal provides the platform for you to provide your clients with market leading reporting capabilities.   In fact, with more reporting capabilities to offer, there is the potential to upsell your clients for better or ‘premium’ reporting.

Secure web access required for your product suite

Whether you are looking to add  a secure, interactive client facing web portal or web based reporting or to your product suite, xPortal provides you with the solution.   With auto-device sensing of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, your clients can have access to their information “anytime, anywhere” there is on-line access.

Focus your resources on your core strengths

Let’s face it, you probably have enough “to-do’s” keeping your core product in line with market needs, without having to allocate resources to also stay up to date with the latest reporting requirements. Keep in mind that reporting is a competitive product space onto itself and eReportal is the leading platform.


Untapped revenue potential

It is not uncommon for us to hear firms say to their clients “we are not in the reporting business” or “we are an open database, write your own reports using another vendor’s system.”  Why give away this revenue opportunity?!  Let eReportal help you capture this additional business.

Outsourcing is far more cost effective

By offering your clients a white labeled reporting solution, you get to pass the costs of this part of your product suite directly on to your clients. This also creates a new opportunity to provide additional professional services.

Why Partner with Varden?

Plain and simple, we are partner friendly and partners are core to our business strategy. The following items highlight our partner friendly approach:

We are flexible about your business needs

In this market space we know there are no cookie cutter solutions. Reporting is comprehensive and meeting your specific requirements requires flexibility. Varden understands this and is ready to work with you on a solution that makes sense for your client base.

Configurable Product Design

In order to meet your specific requirements, our product architecture has been designed from the ground up to be configurable. Whether it is unique branding requirements, flexibility with deployment options, or the ability to interface with your security infrastructure, Varden has all the bases covered for supporting your product requirements.

Easy Integration

Technology partnerships succeed or fail based on how well the integrated products work together. With eReportal, we emphasize easy integration and ensure that eReportal can be integrated directly with your product (or deployed stand-alone). Some of the easy integration points include:

  • Single sign-on for ease of access
  • Embedded Reporting inside your windows/web application or access directly from a browser
  • Control over account and user level privileges
  • Seamless access to your databases, API’s, and preferred data access methods